Jonathan A. Guevara, born and raised in Houston, Texas (Alief), is the second child of a family of 4.  His parents were born in El Salvador and immigrated to the U.S. in the late 70’s. Searching for a prosperous future, both of his parents had to balance 2-3 jobs to provide for their family. From childhood, Jon was forced to find the true values in life.

Through his adolescent years, Jon witnessed friends and family members become victims of a corrupt system. He began writing lyrics based on experiences endured. This same passion influenced him to study and learn the music industry. In 2004, at the age of 18, Jon Guevara founded “Latin Touch Records” signing himself as the first recording artist under the label.

With little to no experience, in a business that was ready to eat him alive, Jon ventured and explored. He taught himself how to write songs, produce music, engineer sound (record, mix, and master), publish records, design graphics, videography, photography, and EVERYTHING in between and around running a record label. Since his first project “Infinity Stylez of Rhyming” in 2007, Jon Guevara has released 5 projects.

His newest LP “Resistance”, features production by DJ Styles and Rob Quest of Innercity Music/ Coughee Brothaz, AV Beats from New Jersey, and Bank Boy from Houston, TX. Artist featured include: Rasheed (Dope House Records/21st Century Ent.), TYME and PaperBoy Gee (21st Century Ent.), Milton Bradley, David Sha, Preemo (ALL Day), Dru-Z  and Walter G. (Latin Touch Records).

With his positive lyrics, love for culture and faith in God, Jon Guevara is ready to show the world, MUSIC IS LIFE!







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