Walter G.


Walter Guillermo Sanchez aka Walter G “The Mex from Tex”, was born in San Antonio, TX and raised in Southwest Houston, TX. His parents moved from Coahuila Mexico to the United States in searching of better opportunities. Unfortunately, after witnessing his parents divorce, life become harder for him and his sister. They were forced to be raised only by a single mother.

Watching his mother write poetry in Spanish and how she express it threw performing arts, Walter learned how to funnel his emotions with words. His father was a Cumbia musician. The music he played, introduced Walter to rhythm and melodies. Walter was always fluent in both Spanish and English. This ability allowed him to have a complex style of writing he incorporated into Hip Hop music.

Being raised in a generation where the Hip Hop culture was booming, Walter G. learned the essence of Hip Hop. Beat boxing, break dancing, throwing down on some sick graffiti convinced Walter G. B-Boying was in his blood and MCing in his mind.

Experiencing a cruel life and witnessing a world of survival, Walter learned how to take his past and turn it into something positive.  Threw his music and poetry, Walter G. teaches his audience the consequences of ones actions. He spreads his message to a lost, abandoned, and hopeless  generation. In 2012, Walter G, “The Mex from Tex” signed to Latin Touch Records releasing his latest project “My Last Breath”.

With a daughter of his own, a sister locked in a corrupt system and after losing his mother in Mexico (victim of a homicide),  Walter is determined to make his family and friends proud. Not only through his music, but also using his mother’s teachings, Walter G. can  show others a more prosperous way.




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